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About Me

Hi, I’m Mohd Azmi Yaakub!

I’m an Author, Speaker, Certified Trainer & a Consultant. Holding a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication (Hons) and Diploma in Communication Skills, I have been involved in liaison, office administration, operations and management.

Have held positions as Deputy Registrar, Lecturer, Student Affairs Officer and Executive Personal Assistant (PA) throughout 13 years of experience in the education industry with Malaysia good private higher education institutions such as Lincoln University College, SEGi College, IHM College & SRI College.

Having worked in banking, insurance and education industries, I have been widely exposed with the use of office documents such as official letters, memos, minutes of meeting, proposals, paperwork including liaise with government and private sectors personnel.

I love to give training and sharing knowledge with people. A lot of training I have conducted for the public through workshops and seminars in the field of communication, image, etiquette, netiquette, administration and professional writing.

Besides being a former Football Coach, I’m also an author of four skills books; ‘Pekerja Versatil’ (2021), ‘Netiquette – Online Ethical Guide’ (2020), ’36 Essential Structures, Common Mistakes, Tips & Samples For E-Mail Writing’ (2019) and ‘Official Letter Writing Skills – Useful Guides for Individuals, Graduates, Employees & Employers’ (2018).


Professional Etiquette


Ethics is essential in conducting any business with the clients. It helps to connect customers with products or services provided by the company. Individuals with professional ethics will have a positive impact and will help to maintain a customer relationship with their company. Having a good ethical professional is important in describing the brand of the institution or where they work.



Communication is an important element in our daily lives, whether we are connecting to families, friends, buying or selling items, even sharing information with colleagues in the workplace. We communicate with people and organisation everyday verbally or even non-verbally. Learn about the importance, the process, the barriers and more about the communication skills for a better understanding.

Image & Personality


We should not only gain relevant experience in handling clients (in any specialized areas) but also to have a good image & personality. We play an important role in describing the brand of an institution or work place. With a good image and personality, we will be able to demonstrate positive and good judgment, also compassion in the treatment of clients. 

Office Administration


Managing office administration is a fast-paced task that needs the skills to perform various tasks and requires quick thinking with thorough knowledge. Upskill yourself with the work skills that cover many different roles and tasks such as organizing files, data, managing meetings, appointments, and more, all at the same time.

Professional Writing (Formal Letter)

Writing an official letter is one of the essential skills in communication. Indirectly, we will be involved in writing letters regardless of whether we work or not. We are required to provide a formal letter to apply for a job, lodge a complaint, apply for a promotion or salary increment, resignation and many more.

Professional Writing (E-mail)

E-mails are important as it has become one of the main ways to communicate for business professionals. If you are dealing with incoming and outgoing messages from your clients, boss, colleagues and professional contacts, writing a proper structured email will improve the quality and image of you and your company.




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